Mista G Arppanam The Final Cut Songs Tamil Pop Album 2011
Music Director – Aamigoz Sugu & Bob Nathan
Lyrics : Mista G, Bob Nathan, Aamigoz Appu, Rabbit Mac, Young Ruff
Label – Mahaa Networks
Genre – Hip Hop Tamil Malaysian Album Pop Sta.

Click On Links To Download Tamil Hip Hop Album Arppanam The Final Cut by Mista G :-
Song 01 – Saturday Nite Fever – Mista G, Youngruff, Tactamatic, Licas Tony, Dhatchayani, Aamigoz Sugu
Song 02 – Symphony Nilavey – Mista G feat. Rabbit. MAC, Youngruff & Preeta Prasad
Song 03 – Satisfaction Mista G feat. Sista G & MC Loga
Song 04 – Kathelley – Mista G feat. Dato’ David Arumugam
Song 05 – Kuzhalladum – Mista G feat. Preeta Prasad
Song 06 – Yetho Onnu – Mista G feat. Aamigoz Sugu & Sasi The Don
Song 07 – Chal Chal – Mista G feat. Shamini
Song 08 – Cinta Sepi [Kathelley] – Mista G feat. Dato’ David Arumugam
Song 09 – Come On Ah – Mista G feat. Sista G
Song 10 – Mighem – Mista G feat. Puva
Song 11 – Honey Gal – Mista G feat. Sista G

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